<3 (ohsexgod) wrote in et_beaute,


1. Full name: Michelle Marie
2. Age: 15
3. Location: Illinois
4. Sexual preference: Boys only, please.
5. Top 5 bands: The Locust, Savage Garden, Melt Banana, The Cranberries, Jets to Brazil
6. Favorite book/magazine: Ishmael/Cosmopolitan
7. What makes you beautiful: I hate these kind of questions. Uhmm..my big, very green eyeballs..
8. Interesting facts about you: I love cheese fries, I'm obsessed with my dog Spike, I travel a lot, I'm obsessed with Japanese entertainment/fashion
9. In your opinion, who is the most beautiful person? Why? J-Rock star Kana because she's talented, different.. and well gorgeous. LOOK AT HER!

10. 3-5 clear pictures of yourself.

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